What Will Happen When We All Get It ?

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All of us in the future will have access to each other . We are not there yet but as always the pioneers can see the future.

Digital pioneers who mentor me and others about what is up ahead are laying the ground work. Through their vision and hard work they are creating the possibilities for anyone anywhere to be connected.

A good plan which in my experience has proven to work,..is to get with the right people on the right path and to make sure that path is leading to where ‘you’ want to be!

There will always be people forging ahead creating opportunities and showing the way. These pioneers have always understood you can not reach your destination without sharing your vision.

The benefit and value to society will always be much further down the road but the early adopters who get closer to the vision will get a head start on the masses towards a better more productive life.

So as in history great men and women will always strive to get the correct balance between pushing and reaching ahead with one hand whilst reaching back for the people behind with the other.

This human chain of reaching , giving and sharing of knowledge has never been more apparent as the way we socialise and work today.

We now live in a more transparent world where the sharing of knowledge is the greatest commodity.

Especially now with easy access to the internet and all kinds of incredible digital resources. It is a fine time to make the world a more integrated and better place and for you to realise your full potential.

We have great minds sharing their struggles knowledge and success like no other time in history. We are not alone everywhere you look you see people giving value back to society. Gate keepers beware!

The pioneers in this new digital landscape who will make the biggest impact will be the ones that share their experiences and are generous with their story.

They will tell their story to whoever wants to listen and get as many people in involved as possible to realise their dreams and full potential.

The most wonderful thing is that we all have a story to share no matter where we are in this digital human chain. What part will you play in this amazing period what will be your story?

We are not just links that holds the chain together.. we all play a major part in the whole story, that is why a chain has no use with a missing link.

Every link is as important as the other and to grasp this short and crude explanation will give you a greater understanding of where we are heading.

This new digital landscape where we can be connected to anyone anywhere will allow these forward thinking pioneers to spread their vision and have greater reach for anyone who is open to this great change.

Most of us can feel this new movement of change affecting our lives but not always see the effects or understand the future impact.

In my humble opinion the people who get a handle on this mind boggling digital revolution or listen to these visionaries will thrive not just from a economic business sense. They will thrive and grow as an individual and will feel more connected with this new world.

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